Meet Mercedes Austin:
The Maven of Mosaics

I've always been an artist, and for most of that time my focus has been mosaics. It's unlike any other medium. There is a unique satisfaction in crafting patterns and images from so many splendid pieces of glazed ceramics. It's undeniable. And so it was truly fait accompli that I would pour everything I have into this pursuit of kiln-fired majesty.

I've built a life from tile

The life of an artist is unpredictable, particularly when it comes to finances. I initially founded Mercury Mosaics as a means of supporting my artistic pursuits. I turned my eye for handmade ceramic tile towards interiors, and now that company supports numerous tile artisans whose work can be seen in homes, restaurants, hotels, and workplaces the world over.

Running an industrial-scale, artisan tile company is a full time job, but my art is no side project. My entrepreneurial side and my artistic side are inseparable. Whether I'm working on a piece of art or architecture, that effort is motivated by the same drive to create beautiful work in a matchless medium.